Sky Ranch Flyers Events for 2020
Below is a list of Events for the Sky Ranch Flyers for 2020.  Dates and times are subject to change.
Saturday April 18, 2020
Spring Cleanup and meeting
9:00am - noon then lunch
Saturday June 20, 2020 Farmers market
7:00am -11:00 am
Visit us at the West Bend Farmer's Market!
Learn about the hobby!
Saturday June 27,2020
Sky Ranch Flyers Radio Controlled Air Show!
Free Admission
Free Parking
Great fun for the entire family!
Saturday Aug 29, 2020 Corn and Prop Roast
Eat around 1:30pm
fly all day!
Eat, relax, fly - and have fun!
Saturday Oct 17, 2020
Fall Cleanup and meeting 9:00 am - noon
then lunch
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