Sky Ranch Flyers - Flight Instruction

Learning to fly a Radio Controlled airplane isn't overly difficult for most people, but it really works best when you learn with an instructor.

Many people who try to learn on their own, damage or destroy their airplanes early in the process, and sometimes just give up. Working with a club instructor means that an experienced flyer will ground-check your airplane, fly it, adjust it as necessary, and then teach you "step-by-step" how to fly it using a training controller commonly known as a "buddy-box".

The buddy box looks just like a conventional radio, but it is connected to the master transmitter via a 6' trainer cord. You will also be given a Training Booklet that the instructor will record your success in as you learn to fly.

Our Instructors are volunteers.  They are not paid for their services, and are available, weather permitting, during the months from early May through the end of October. Tuesday and Thursday evenings are set aside for new learning pilots and weekends may also be an option.

Should you need training, join the Sky Ranch Flyers club and we will help you succeed and get the most from this fun hobby. It is the students responsibility to contact one of our instructors and arrange for them to meet you at the field. Instructors phone numbers are located in the Members Sign in section of this web site. When multiple students are at the field at the same time, training preference will be given to the student who made arrangements for instruction.

Sky Ranch Instructors:
Bob Schmidt
Basic Flying Techniques
Dennis Snow
Basic Flying Techniques

Gary Schlosser
Basic Flying Techniques

Disclaimer:  The Sky Ranch Flyers and its Instructors are not responsible for the loss or damage to aircraft.  This is a fact of the hobby. 
                        Crashes and damage can happen.