Sky Ranch Flyers - Field Rules
2015 Flight And Racing Restrictions:
All Electric RC Vehicles
No restrictions on hours of operation
Gas/Nitro/Kerosene RC vehicles
hours of operation will be restricted to the following:
8:00am to 5:00pm
8:00am to Sunset
8:00am to Sunset
8:00am to Sunset
8:00am to 5:00pm
8:00am to Sunset
Sunday: no use of
Gas/Nitro/Kerosene RC vehicles
Field rules:
1. All members wishing to fly must have a valid AMA license and a Sky Ranch Flyer card.

2. All planes shall have (inside or out) their address and AMA number.

3. Any transmitters manufactured before 1991 must have AMA approved gold stickers and receivers must be narrow

4. Frequency control is in effect at all times.

5. No transmitter shall be turned on unless your AMA license or your Sky Ranch Flyers membership card is in the
    appropriate frequency slot of the field control board and the active frequency pin is affixed to your transmitter.

6. Frequency pin may not be removed from another transmitter without his or her knowledge.

7. Any property or personal damage incurred or caused by a pilot shall be totally his responsibility. The exemption to this
    rule being the case of a person turning on a transmitter causing a pilot with a frequency clip on that transmitter
    channel to crash. In this case, the person turning on the radio WITH OUT THE PROPER FREQUENCY PIN is
    responsible for all damage or injury.

8. Aircraft engines shall be started with the nose of the aircraft pointed toward the runway.

9. DO NOT direct the exhaust toward another model or pilot.

10. All aircraft are required to have some type of muffler or header. All aircraft shall be 95 dB or less at 10ft.

11. Takeoffs from behind flight lines are not permitted.

12. Flying is prohibited in air space behind designated flight line. THAT MEANS TO THE NORTH OF US.

13. Any person caught in a reckless, dangerous, or careless manner will be given one warning only by an officer. If that
     person is caught again he/she will be grounded at the discrepancy of the Field Marshall.

14. Model aircraft will give right of way to all full size aircraft.

15. All pilots must be on a flight station and announce their intentions; i.e. take off, landing, on the field. You must have
     approval from the other pilots in the air prior to initiating your actions.

16. Guest pilots must be accompanied by a club member and must have a valid AMA membership.

17. All spectators not flying shall remain behind the flight line.

18. No pilot will operate a model aircraft while under the influence of alcohol or within eight (8) hours of having consumed

19. Do not leave any garbage at the field. Leave your area as clean if not cleaner than you found it.

20. NON-CERTIFICATE PILOTS: Do not fly at the field alone. Such pilots must contact qualified flight instructors.

21. All new fliers must first complete the certification test prior to flying solo.

22. Our club trainers' primary use is for providing people interested in our hobby the chance to experience flying a model
     airplane. They can then get a experience of flying without all the expense. It is also used for letting visitors have a
     "hands-on" feel of flying such as the local EAA Air Camp students and the Allenton Young Astronauts group.
      The club trainer is not to be used as a plane for a member to fly because he/she crashed their plane.

Members not complying with our rules are subject to the Grievance Procedures as stated in the clubs by-laws.