History of the Sky Ranch Flyers:
Fun Fly 1998
The Sky Ranch Flyers R/C Club is a not-for-profit
radio-controlled model aircraft club formed in the early 1990’s to promote the sport and hobby of flying R/C models. We are chartered by the Academy of Model Aeronautics, Chapter VII #2883.
Originally, the flying field was located on the west end of the Hahn Sky Ranch Airport, and flying usually wasn't available until early May as the spring rains usually flooded the runway
1998 fun Fly - Photograph by Dave Hoppe
Shelter 2001
.In 2001, the Sky Ranch Flyers cleared the center section of the Hahn Sky Ranch Airport and built a new shelter.  The move to "high ground" provided the club with a longer flying season.
2001 Shelter build
The Sky Ranch Flyers are involved in a number of different activities. 
An annual event is the Delta Darts contest was held for the Young Astronauts / Astro-Kids at the Allenton Elementary School.

After the students completed building their Delta Dart rubber powered airplanes, a club members would give
a brief talk about how and why airplanes fly using one of the R/C models brought to the event.

Later, a contest was held to see whose plane could stay up in the air the longest. Some of the planes maintained flight for longer than ten seconds, which is quite good for 100 turns of a rubber band.
The Sky Ranch Flyers also organize flying demonstrations for the Cub Scouts and the Threshold of West Bend.
We also work with the Kettle Moraine EAA chapter #1158, during their Annual "Air Camp." This program began in 2000 and is a great opportunity for kids between the ages of 13 to 15 to learn about aviation. Club members meet with the Air Camp kids at the EAA 1158 building, explain the fundamentals of RC flight, then setup computers with flight simulators for the students to get some "virtual flight time" in.

Later, the students arrive at the SRF flying field to have a “hands-on” experience with real RC Trainer Aircraft.  Instructors use radios linked together to maintain control of the aircraft as needed.