Welcome to the Sky Ranch Flyers Radio Controlled Club! 
The Sky Ranch Flyers club is a "not-for profit" radio-controlled model club, formed in 1989,
to promote the sport and hobby of flying R/C airplanes & helicopters, and R\C Track racing!

The home of the Sky Ranch Flyers is located six miles west of West Bend on Highway D.

We are chartered by the Academy of Model Aeronautics,
Chapter VII #2883.  Our club offers the following:
•   A casual flying environment to fly Gas, Glow and 

•   Experienced builders and R/C pilots.

•   Large open flying site with a shelter, work tables,
     ample parking, and electricity.

•   Events which the entire family can enjoy.

•   Training, so your first flight does not end up in a crash.
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Congratulations to Mike Brown - 500 Flights!
Whether you fly Scale, Warbirds, Sport, Gliders, Trainers, Drones, Ready to Fly or Foamies ..

Whether you're Glow, Gas or Electric ...

Whether you're new to the fun of RC flying, getting back into the hobby, or a long time flyer looking fora great,  casual place to fly

The Sky Ranch Flyers of West Bend, Wisconsin is your place to fly.

Our goal is to get you in the air as FAST as possible and ENJOY the art of flying RC.

The Loss of "One of the Greats"
Brownie logged is 500th flight on his Edge today!

Some of us only get one flight on a bird, but to put on 500 flights
in 5 years on one bird is amazing!!!

CONGRATS Brownie!!! 

FYI he said he would sell a kid before selling the Edge
     - now that is love of a plane!!!
It is with great sadness the Sky Ranch Flyers announce the passing of "one of the Greats" Randy Knapp.  He passed on Saturday, August 31, 2019.  He was 64 years old.

Randy joined the Sky Ranch Flyers in 2003 and became an active member, teaching anyone willing to listen his "secrets of the hobby," from building to flying.

He typically showed up at the field with multiple aircraft, and should he crash, he threw his disappointment into the wind, grabbed another plane and took to the skies.

Randy served as Vice President of the club in 2009-2010 and before that was the clubs Safety Officer.  He offered his home as the clubs meeting place for several years.

Randy's hobbies not only included RC planes, but also cars, boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles and even ultralight planes
Saturday, February 8, 2020
Army Air National Guard Visit!
Members of the Army National Guard used the Sky Ranch Flyers RC Airstrip this afternoon to practice snow landings. VERY COOL!
Saturday, February 8, 2020
Army Air National Guard Visit!
From the President:
With a lot of deliberation and input from the club, Sky Ranch Flyers will be cancelling our 2020 airshow/fun fly on June 27th due to the Covid-19 virus.  We believe this difficult decision is necessary to keep the community, our members along with our families safe.

This has been a tough time and we need to do what is best for everyone.

So we are asking for donations -  so if you can please write a check, give us cash/check or just click the donate button on our webpage.   Please give what you can!

I would like to thank everyone who has already donated!! 

Bob Schmidt
2020 R\C Air Show Cancelled.
Own a Piece of KollerCraft History!
For those of you who don't know Dennis Koller, Let me introduce you to him.  He was one of the "Founding Fathers" of the Sky Ranch Flyers.

His small hobby shop "KollerCraft" was located in Little Koller, Wisconsin.  The shop was always head-to-toe with dust as he was constantly building Radio controlled aircraft.  His most noteworthy aircraft was the Accura, but he also built other designs, such as the "Sky Screw, the "Something Extra" and the Pace Setter.

Recently, Dennis has found himself giving up the hobby due to declining health, and has given the contents of his
Hobby Shop to the Sky Ranch Flyers.  Included were RC aircraft, building balsa, electronics, propellers and lots of
peg board stuff.

Starting today, you can own a piece of KollerCraft history.  Right now we only have pictures of some of the big items.

If you want something, come and get it.  We ask you make a donation for the item … whatever you feel is right.  The donations will go back to Dennis Koller.

So, how to get started ….. Click Here !!